21 Day Church Fast


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Beginning Sunday, January 16, 2022, we will observe our annual 21-Days of Prayer and Fasting. During this time we abstain from certain foods or activities as a means to deny our flesh and draw closer to God. Whatever you decide to fast from, it should be a REAL sacrifice.  For some it's finances, for others TV and social media.  Please make sure your fast is safe and healthy for YOU!  We will end our 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Experience with our Holy Convocation Service on February 6, 2022.
This year you can choose which Fast you will participate in:
The FCBC 21-Day Church Fast:
For 21-days, pick food(s) or activities to Fast from that are a REAL sacrifice for you (i.e., sugar, meat, social media, TV, coffee, food, etc.) with your doctor's approval.  While fasting, remember this is not a diet but a time for you to pray, set aside time with God, deny your flesh, and get closer to God.
The FCBC Financial Fast:
During this Fast, you will focus on having a better financial life by prayer, time in the Word, and Fasting by only buying what you NEED, using cash for all purchases, not eating out, and buying items that are necessary for the next 21 days.
The Los Angeles Mission (LAM) 21-Day Daniel Fast:
Join 21 churches Fasting and praying for 21-days for the Los Angeles Mission and the homeless.  Based on Daniel 10:12-13, during this time, you are encouraged to focus on the homeless population, pray without ceasing and center yourself, which allows you to hear from God.  You will eat only grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and non-sugar beverages with your doctor's approval.







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