21 Day Church Fast



Beginning Sunday, January 17, 2021, we will observe our annual 21-Days of Prayer and Fasting. During this time we abstain from certain foods or activities as a means to deny our flesh and draw closer to God. Whatever you decide to fast from, it should be a REAL sacrifice.  For some it's finances, for others TV and social media.  Please make sure your fast is safe and healthy for YOU!  We will end our 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Experience with our Holy Convocation Service on February 7, 2021.
HOPE is our focus for this 21-Day Prayer and Fasting experience. It's designed to be a transformational time of reflection, petition, and communion with God. Our desire is that you pray, fast, and consecrate yourself, while you learn God’s will for your life.  Each day in this journey, a virtual devotional will be available on YouTube, daily prayers, and more!.  We will even have corporate prayer meetings in the evening on January 18th, 25th and February 1st.  Below you will find the 21 Days of prayer and links to additional resources, but if you should need additional information please email Taemarie Jankans at tvjankans@faithfamily.org





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Day 1: Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer
Topic: New Beginnings

Scripture: Isaiah 43:1, 18-19 

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Prayer: Lord of hope, my confidence is in You, heal us, restore us to You, and bring beauty for our ashes, new beginnings for our losses, and give us hope and a future.

Day 2: Pastor Terri McCaskill
Topic:  Relationships

Scripture: Matthew 5:6

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Prayer: Lord of my hope, flood us with Your peace, kindness, and love so that we succeed in the relationships in our lives.

Day 3: Pastor George Thompson
Topic:  Finances

Scripture: Genesis 12: 1-3

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Prayer: Lord of my hope, show me whatever decisions I need to make regarding my finances or business so that I can prosper now and in the future.

Day 4: Pastor Kasey
Topic:  New Beginnings

Scripture: Joshua 14: 6-12

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Prayer: Lord of hope, guide me on how to release the pain, depression, and mental weariness of 2020 and step into the new beginnings You have for me this year.

Day 5: Rondell Eskridge
Topic: Relationships

Scripture: Psalm 62:8

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Prayer: Lord of my hope, magnify Yourself in my relationships, so there is fun, laughter, and fellowship that brightens my days.

Day 6: Crystal Mozell
Topic:  Finances

Scripture: 3John:2

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Prayer: Lord of my hope, let this be a season of provision, whether I am the giver or the receiver of a financial blessing.

Day 7: Pastor John Paul
Topic:  New Beginnings

Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1

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Prayer: Lord of my hope, during this time of fasting, may I discover every area of my life You want to reset and bring new beginnings.

Day 8: Minister Unitha Muhammad
Topic: Relationships

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Prayer Lord of my hope, in this time of fasting, let me find joy in simple things, receive unexpected blessings, and have profound moments with You.

Day 9: Charlie Jordan Brookins
Topic: Health

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:31

Prayer: Lord of my hope, sustain churches and their members financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally in this season.

Day 10: Pastor Matu Taylor
Topic:  New Beginnings

Scripture: Lamentations 3:22-24

Prayer: Lord of my hope, as I fast, I pray for the strength to begin again, insight, so I know where to go, and the perseverance to get there. 

Day 11: Tony and Tracci Warren
Topic:  Relationships

Scripture: Jeremiah 32:16-18

Prayer: Lord of my hope, show me how to love myself and others according to Your Word.

Day 12: Deacon Kevin Suber
Topic:  Finances

Genesis 22:1-6

Prayer: Lord of hope, may I birth new ideas, books, businesses, songs, or ministries despite the times.

Day 13: Minister Valerie Elston
Topic: Relationships

Psalm 133:1

Prayer: Lord of my hope, unify us, and heal relationships among believers.

Day 14: Patrick Wise
Topic:  New Beginnings

Scripture: Genesis 16:7-14

Prayer: Lord of hope, I pray for new beginnings for Your church; show us how to minister to others in this new season.

Day 15: Crystal Mozell
Topic:  Finances

Scripture: Habakkuk2:2

Prayer: Lord of hope, show me how to be a good steward of what I have now so that I will be a good steward over enormous financial blessings coming my way.

Day 16: Pastor Preston Davis
Topic; New Beginnings

Scripture: Psalm 15:1-2

Prayer: Lord of hope; let there be new beginnings within the body of Christ, so racism is eradicated.

Day 17: Dr. Gloria Mitchell
Topic: Relationship

Scripture: Matthew 22:37-39

Prayer: Lord of my hope, give me a lighter load so I can relax, rest, and be refreshed mentally.

Day 18: Dannete Wilkerson
Topic: Finances

Scripture: 1 Peter 4:10

Prayer: Lord of my hope, put me on a path that leads to permanent financial freedom; let me have savings and additional funds to bless others.

Day 19: Pastor John Paul Foster
Topic: Relationship

Scripture: Revelations 2:107

Prayer: Lord of my hope, bring into my life now those who would be best for me in this season.

Day 20: Minister Antoinette Hunt
Topic:  New Beginnings

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11

Prayer: Lord of hope, extend Your grace and wisdom to me so that I can heal and create new beginnings with relationships You have orchestrated.

Day 21: Pastor George Thompson

Scripture: Psalm 24:1

Topic: Finances
Prayer: Lord of my hope, help me reorganize my finances, grant favor, and show me how to have wealth to share and live debt-free.