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Rites of Passage is a Christian, biblically-based program designed to develop boys into mature productive men by illustrating the essential qualities needed for manhood. Boys 12 to 15 years old are partnered with mature men who teach and encourage spiritual, educational, vocational, physical, and social growth.   

ROP is an eight-month-long, Saturday morning program designed to change destinies! It is beneficial for healthy-minded boys whose parents are seeking for them to have the influence of godly men in their lives. It is also geared to support boys from single-parent homes and to address the negative social influences of drug & alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity, gang involvement, and encounters with the juvenile justice system.      

The parent council brings a complete family approach to the ministry by providing administrative support and parental guidance.

For more information, time commitments, or to get involved, please call us 310.330.8000 ext. 3240 or email ritesofpassage@faithfamily.org.


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"He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers...." (Malachi 4:6)
Most young men have never heard from their father, "I love you and I am proud of you!"  Just as God spoke words of identity and pride in His Son before Jesus embarked on His journey to the cross, every son needs to hear his father's words of identity, blessing, love, and challenge as part of his
"Rite of Passage" into manhood.
We want young men to be believed in, truly seen, and honored by their father or father-figure. Young men need to be commissioned for the battles ahead.  Ultimately, as part of the mission of The Rites of Passage Program, we want young men to be instilled with a desire to follow Christ our King - no matter the cost. And we want these young warriors to live out the noble and glorious purpose for which they were created and to receive the eternal rewards God has for them.   The “successes” of this program have been the result of tireless and sacrificial efforts of our Village Elders, Champions, Parents and The Family of Champions of Faithful Central Bible Church.
It is with great pride I salute you today for your commitment toward completing this journey. Be assured there is more to come. Yet you have been called into a Band of Brothers who have your back and will support you with encouragement and prayer.  I speak for your church family, when I say, “We love you and we are proud of you!”
In His Service,
Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Senior Pastor-Teacher/Village Chief


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