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MIBF is a family of spiritual formation, authentic relationships, mutuality and legacy led by Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer. We are a spiritual family of priority, unconditional love and acceptance; which fosters a place of safety and support. We believe in organic discipleship through teaching, spirit-led activity and doing life together. We are a supportive, confidential, and grace-centered environment that provides a place for sharing and accountability. We believe in a circle of leadership. We are stewards of wisdom, revelation and anointing that has come before us, and we have the responsibility to pass it down to the next generation, so that the chain is unbroken.




Wednesday – November 14, 2018 

8:00am Doors Open

8:15am  Day 1 Start

9:15am  Session 1 

10:45am Coffee Break

11:15am Session 2

12–1pm Lunch

1:15pm Session 3 

2:30–3:15pm Community Cohort’s*

3:30–4:15pm Community Cohort’s*

4:30–5:15pm Community Cohort’s*

5:15pm Coffee Break

5:30pm Session 4


Thursday – November 15, 2018 

8:00am Doors Open

8:15am Day 2 Start

9:00am  Session 5 

10:30am Coffee Break

10:45am Session 6 

12–1pm Lunch

1:15–2:00pm Community Cohort’s*

2:15–3:00pm Community Cohort’s*

3:15–4:00pm Community Cohort’s*

4:00pm Coffee Break

4:15pm Session 7

5:15pm Closing Session


* Community Cohort’s are fellowship-oriented think tanks that allow leaders to connect, share big ideas and exchange best practices.


This Year's Community Cohorts*:
  • Serving This Present Generation: Insights and Strategies for a Culture in Flux  
  • Behind the Title
  • E-Member Strategies: Your Fastest Growing & Most Inexpensive Congregation
  • A Child Will Lead Them: Growth Through Kids Ministry
  • Strategies To Position Your People And Organization To Prosper Financially 
  • The Art of Change: Leading & Participating in Change 
  • The Missing Ingredient For Success: Developing Those Around You
  • A Theology For Our Times

*All participants will be able to attend 3 Community Cohorts each day.