Champion Men

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The Champion Men’s Ministry engages men as they grow in worship, word, work and their walk with Christ.  Men of all ages living out our discipleship in the home, at work, in the community and at FCBC. We want to live a transformed life, no longer satisfied with who we are, but striving to be who God says we can be.

We meet every Thursday night at 7 PM, in the Tabernacle, West Wing North.  If Thursday night doesn’t work for you, we have other groups during the week at locations throughout the city. Each group is small, personal and confidential—a gathering of MEN helping MEN live out a life that is pleasing to Christ.  Champion Men is for EVERY man, regardless of age, race or level of faith.

If you are wondering if this is for you…the answer is YES!  Click the button below to register for one of our men only groups.

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If you have questions regarding the FCBC Champion Men’s Ministry, if you want to join a Champion Men Discipleship Group, or if you want to receive our weekly "Living a Champion Life" email from Bishop Ulmer, please provide your contact information below, and you will receive a reply.