Christian Legal Aid




Saturday, November 7, 2020 (PST)
2020 Keynote Speaker:  Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer


PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AT 323-319-3559 or email at Chrystal Hicks at for more information. 

What We Do?

Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles provides free services in telephone consultations, office visits, and monthly clinics.  All of the legal services are geared to educate clients as to their rights and remedies and train them to negotiate and handle their own legal disputes.  We rarely provide ongoing assistance because the demand for free legal services greatly exceeds the supply of attorneys able or willing to provide such services.

At the monthly clinics, which operate like legal urgent clinics, volunteers interview clients, diagnose the legal issues, educate the clients on their basic legal rights, prepare and review documents, and train clients on how to file documents with the court and make court appearances.  In all cases, we seek to pursue justice, bring hope and change lives by sharing God's love with all in need! Click here to learn more about Christain Legal Aid.


Who We Serve?

CLA-LA has one qualifier for determining whether to serve a client – income.  All clients must be at or below the definition of “very low income” as set forth in the Housing Community Development Guidelines for housing in Los Angeles.  When possible, CLA-LA refers individuals who do not fit within these guidelines to outside attorneys who provide services at a reasonable rate.  See if you qualify for FREE Christian Legal Aid.



CLA-LA Volunteers Include:

  • Legal Team Members & Specialists
  • Attorneys (to serve at clinics, to be on-call, to appear at hearings or to evaluate reference materials)
  • Law students, paralegals, secretaries
  • Mental health professionals
  • Security officers
  • Interpreters
  • I.T. specialists


Non-Legal Team Members

  • Spiritual care volunteers & clergy
  • Event planners & food servers
  • Receptionists
  • Greeters
  • Data entry
  • Pre-clinic & Post-clinic volunteers (prepare food and snacks for clients and set-up/tear down for clinic)
If you have a specific question, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you: