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An FCBC Disciple is one who serves.  That Service is defined as volunteering within FCBC or beyond the walls of the church locally or internationally.  FCBC endeavors to equip all ages of disciples for the work of the ministry.  This is done through the integration of curriculum, training, prayer, and financial support.  FCBC Service seeks to align its work with organizations in the following areas: homelessness, infirmed children, hunger an education.

FCBC categorizes how disciples and the church itself serve as follows:

1. Local Outreach 

FCBC disciples are deployed to support local non-profits, community-based development organizations and businesses aligned with the mission of the ministry.  Local outreach is supported by education, training, prayer support, and financial support as determined.  Local Outreach is measured on a monthly basis.

2. Short-Term Missions

FCBC disciples are taken to external ministry opportunities locally and internationally to serve.  This service has been strategically planned to fit ministry goals and is supported by education, training, prayer support, and financial support as determined.  Short-term Missions is measured on a quarterly basis. (For clarity, FCBC short-term mission trips under this Service Model are generated internally.)

3. Long-Term Missions

The FCBC Service Model does not contemplate sending disciples on long-term mission assignments.  However, FCBC recognizes the gifting of those called by God to serve in the mission field on a long-term basis.  FCBC shall not be obligated to provide any support to long-term missionaries it has not commissioned.  However, long-term missionaries may receive non-financial support through education, mentoring, and prayer. FCBC does not currently train, commission, ordain or send a disciple to a long-term mission assignment. To the extent FCBC provides any of the aforementioned support for long-term mission assignments, the work will be measured on a semi-annual basis.

4. Supporting Church

FCBC recognizes the call of disciples into the mission field.  Although FCBC is not a “sending church” as it relates to long-term assignments, FCBC is committed, at is sole discretion, to provide Missions Support for organizations who align with ministry goals and objectives.


Mission Task Force.  The building, facilitating, and coordination of the Missions Service Model may be assisted by a Mission Task Force assembled by the Senior Pastor.  This committee shall be a standing committee under the supervision of Discipleship and Pastoral Services and shall be staffed, on a volunteer basis, by those experienced in local and international mission service.


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Prayer Requests

If you are a missionary, please leave your prayer request and a member of our Faithful Central Bible Church Prayer Team will respond to you within 48 hours. Please know that we are always praying for you!