Mental Health Resources

Below is a list of mental health resources:


Mental Health and Coping during COVID-19 – Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Mental Health Consideration during COVID-19 – World Health Organization (WHO)


Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety – Harvard Health


Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Prepare, Not Panic – Psycomm


Speaking of Psychology: Coronavirus Anxiety – Podcast on COVID-19 anxiety


Managing Children’s Fear, Anxiety in the Age of COVID-19 – Medspace


Headspace – 2-week Free Trial for new Joiners


Calm – Calm Premium provides a 1-week free trial for new joiners


Self-Havening for Health Empowerment & Anxiety Reduction - Coronavirus/COVID-19 w/ Dr. Kate Truitt – YouTube link to a guided meditation session



Online AA Meetings During COVID-19