Your child(ren) will experience a dynamic worship experience through declarations, praise and worship, prayer, offering, and Holy Communion (served on 1st Sundays to those who have been baptized).  Children continue their learning experience in the classrooms where they are taught the Word of God based on a spirit-filled curriculum complete with games, activities, and arts and crafts to help them learn, grow, and apply what they’ve learned to their lives.  Children also learn to pray for themselves and for others.  Each of our J.A.M. teachers has been through an extensive orientation process and has been screened to work with your child.

Grades: K-6

What to bring: a Bible and a journal.  Please be sure to label all of your child’s items.

The JAM Store
Children earn JAM Dollars each week they attend children’s church by participating in class, bringing a bible or a friend to church or being of service.  Then at the end of the month, they are allowed to spend what they’ve earned in the JAM store.