College Conquerors

Faithful Central Bible Church addresses the needs of the college-bound student throughCollege This ministry was created to empower high school students, empower  adults returning to pursue his/her education, and serve as a resource to help people make well-informed college choices and to conquer, not simply survive college.
We take our outreach to these young people as a God-given assignment that includes …
  • Providing information sessions for parents and students several times during the year on topics including, but not limited to, preparing for college, admissions, and financial aid.
  • Providing individual college counseling for students during their junior and senior years.
  • Making sure that students’ college lists include colleges and universities with a track record for supporting students of color academically, financially, and socially.
  • Assisting students and parents in lobbying for revised financial aid packages from the colleges and universities to which they are admitted.
  • Conducting a workshop for students during the summer before their freshmen year of college about academic, social, and financial challenges that they may face.
  • Conducting academic workshops with an emphasis on written and oral communication, history, math, and the sciences. Conduct SAT/PSAT workshops.
The goal is to ensure that our students are just as prepared for college as students from other communities.
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