Service Times & Bulletin

The Trinity Building - Administrative Offices are CLOSED on Mondays*


Sunday Morning Worship Services

7:00am & 10:00am
The Tabernacle
321 N. Eucalyptus Ave.
Inglewood, CA 90301


Children’s Church

10:00am ONLY
The Trinity Building
333 W. Florence Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301

The Takeover (Youth Discipleship)
10:00am ONLY (except 5th Sunday)
The Living Room
400 W. Florence Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301


Wednesday Night Live 

The Living Room
400 W. Florence Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301



We are here to SERVE YOU!   

Bereavement / Funerals
Pastor Jordan Allen
310.330.8000 ext. 3271
Children's Discipleship (Baby Dedication)
Geney Warner, Administrative Assistant
Dr. Terri McKaskill, Pastor
310-330-8000 ext. 3226
Community Outreach Services
Pastor Jackie Russell
310-330-8000 ext. 3256
Logistics Manager
Tanika Walker
310-330-8000 ext. 3223
FCBC Repertory Company
Carl Giliard
310-330-8000 ext. 3317
Issachar Initiative:  Touching Lives Through Service 310-330-8000 ext. 3299
Holy Hands
Deaf or Hearing Impaired Services
310-330-8000 ext. 3276
Volunteer Ministry
TaeMarie Jankans
310-330-8000 ext.3259
Music & Arts  Ministry
Jessica Jones
310-330-8000 ext. 3311
Marriage Ministry
Valerie Elston
310-330-8000 ext. 3290
Kings University
Kim C. Evans
310-330-8000 ext. 3318
New Disciples (New Members)
Arletha Ross
310-330-8000 ext. 3276
Prison Ministry - Angel Tree Christmas
Rev. Odessa Moore
310-330-8000 ext. 3265
Rites of Passage
(Boys Ages 11-14)
310-330-8000 ext. 3240
Seniors Discipleship
Vivian Sells
310-330-8000 ext. 3297
Stewardship Ministry
Dannete Wilkerson, Administrative Assistant
George Thompson, Pastor
310-330-8000 ext. 3261
Youth Discipleship (Tkeovr)
Roshaun Stovall, Administrative Assistant
Liana Sims, Pastor
310-330-8000 ext. 3304
Sick & Shut-In (Visitation)
Pastor Reggie Spearman
310-330-8000 ext. 3263
Discipleship Small Groups
Unitha Muhammad, Administrative Assistant
Kasey Whiteney, Pastor
310-330-8000 ext. 3280
Discipleship Classes
Danette Wilkerson, Administrative Assistant
Lucious Hicks, Pastor
310-330-8000 ext. 3261
Twenty20 (Young Adult Discipleship)
Kyron Jackson, Pastor
310-330-8000 ext. 3302

If you wish to be added to our Sick & Shut In List, please call
Pastor Reggie Spearman, Visitation at 310-330-8000 ext. 3263

Sick & Shut In

Darnell Adams
Patrice Adams
Herman Barry
Peggy Baxter
Wylola Blanton
Lisa Bomar
Dorothy Brown
Larry Brown
Ever Brown
Marsha Carter
Pearl Chaney
Russell Clark
Eugene Coleman
Diane Craddock
Luther Craddock
Hattie Diamond
Theresa Duncantel
Joyce Fields
Kenny Fields
Polly Fields
Valma Fisher
Gloria Gatlin
Raymond Hardy
Annette Hill
Juanita Jennings
Ann R. Johnson
Barbara Johnson
Carolyn H. Johnson
Judith Johnson
Carmen Jones
Kenny Jones
Reed Lackey
Freeman Leeth
Juliette Levy
Lorraine Lewis
Jennifer Miller
Eric Mitchell
Johnnie Norton
Michael Pinkard
Pat Ronella
Galeesa Sanders
Keidera Sims
Charles Strong
Helen Sullivan
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