No Longer Bound - Abortion Recovery Ministry provides a safe place for spiritual healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ to women and men who have been emotionally wounded by abortion.

For many, abortion is a secret silent sorrow. The physical and emotional stress can be devastating and often surfaces months or even years later. Many are struggling and suffering in isolation because they have been unable to grieve over a real loss and process their pain. Does this describe you or anyone you know?

Abortion is a spiritual wound, and a spiritual process is required to heal this wound.

Healing is possible because our trained volunteer leadership team has been where you are now.  They have participated in No Longer Bound and are living proof that healing is possible! Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will help you face your guilt, anger, depression, isolation and unforgiveness, and help you reconnect with yourself, others, and God. You are not alone; we are here to walk alongside you. Our method is confidential, non-judgmental, personal and compassionate.

Our small group Bible studies meet for 13-weeks, once a week, for two hours. Our groups are small, usually 4-6 participants in each group, and two facilitators. Homework is assigned each week which takes about 3 hours to complete. The homework is essential to your healing; God speaking directly to you through His word provides lasting healing. During your healing journey you are bathed in prayer by anonymous intercessors pleading to God on your behalf. 

In 2011, No Longer Bound began strategizing and training with Rachel's Vineyard Interdenominational-the largest post-abortion recovery program in the world; offering 3-day co-ed healing retreats for women, men, grandparents, siblings, and friends who have been hurt by abortion. The retreats are also open to those who have suffered the loss of miscarriage. FCBC No Longer Bound will officially launch our first retreat in November 2012.




Enrollment by confidential intake only.

For more information please contact: 310.330.8000, ext. 3227,  (confidential voice-mail and e-mail)



When I entered the No Longer Bound Ministry and Westside Pregnancy Clinic Post Abortion Recovery Program, I did not realize how much my shame, guilt, regret, and disappointments with my actions in murdering my children was affecting my life and my daily decisions. I did not realize many things about myself. I did not realize how much I lived in secrecy and I had masked my guilt, anger, and sadness with “good or godly works”.  I did realize how much I neglected my emotional needs. I did not realize how my brokenness and wounds from my abortions affected my personal relationships. Even how, my abortions adversely affected my relationship with God.

During the program, I learned to be more transparent and learned it was okay to grieve my children. Even though I had failed to care for them, protect them, and chose to end their lives. I also learned to accept God’s forgiveness through receiving His grace and mercy.  I had an intellectual understanding of forgiveness of all my sins, but not an emotional, personal, and spiritual connection. Through the Holy Spirit, I am healed and I am no longer bound to my past, sinful actions.

I think every woman who wants to grow as a person, woman, and/or as a Christian needs to go through this program. It is absolutely, imperative to grieve the death of your babies, grow spiritually, and go out and spread the God News about Jesus Christ. That He saves, heals, and delivers. He will exchange beauty for your ashes.

No Longer Bound Classmate



My first abortion came about while I was married. It was the first of many; precisely…six. 
For years I convinced myself my aborted children were just a fetus; this would become my “coping mechanism” and how I would rationalize what I had done. Overtime I realized one day I would have to deal with my sin and ask God’s forgiveness; still I never figured my unborn children into the equation. I told myself what I did was “for the best” for everyone concerned. Well the fact of the matter is; my only concern was for me, myself and I. God gave children mothers to protect them; yet in the end; the only protection my children needed was from me…their mother.   

Perhaps I should start at the beginning: at age 9, I was molested. Not by just one individual but several; one of the molestations went on for years. Being molested; you’ll either become promiscuous or withdrawn. I chose promiscuity.  By the age of 16, I became pregnant with my first child. At twenty,  I became pregnant with my second. My mother did not believe in abortion and I’m thankful she did not.  However when she passed so did her beliefs. 
I was in an abusive marriage; eleven-years under attack. After years of enduring this abuse I fled with my two children. In the midst of it all I surrendered to my first abortion. Thereafter all the others became progressively easier to execute. I spent years attempting to anesthetize my pain; pain from being molested; pain from being physically and emotionally abused. 
The more I looked for love the more I realized I did not love myself; and because of my bad choices, I became pregnant and then aborted the pregnancies in a futile attempt to cover up my sins. At the end of the day I still felt alone; unloved; depressed; unhappy and suicidal. 
God still smiled down upon me and blessed me with a third child. Although I deeply love my children; I’ve always had difficulty in displaying it; and as a result it’s put a wedge between my children and me. My surmise: the guilt I have for the ones I chose to abort as opposed to the ones I chose to keep.
In 2001, I surrender my life to Christ. Yet my struggles continued. I dealt with the molestations; the abuse but could not seem to come to terms with the abortions. This act I carried out; I was not the victim.
In September 2011, I decided to go through the No Longer Bound group. Within the first session I recognized I was going to either flee (as I have always done) or stay and deal with my sin. I chose to stay and I was triumphant in finishing the classes.  I know God was with me during one of the darkest times of my life; but He brought me through and He will do the same for you. 
Stay Strong & Be Blessed…   
Sincerely, NLB