Privacy Policy

So that we can gain insight on how people are using our website(s), as well as to gain information or perform functions beneficial to users of our website(s) or to our organization, we may track the activity of visitors over time using the website(s) / web server(s), as well as one or more third party service(s).  Our website(s) do not currently recognize browser-based "do not track" functionality, but the privacy of our users is important to us and, as such, we do not sell your personally-identifiable information to any third party, nor do we track users' activity across website(s) other than our own. 

There may be third party embedded items on our website(s) such as video players, social features, or otherwise.  The organizations providing these third party items have the ability to track users that view pages containing those items, but they can only receive limited data by virtue of being viewed on our website(s) such as IP address and technical details about your computer / browser / internet connection.  If you or a third party has provided personal information to one of these organizations in the past, they may be able to associate your activity with that information.  For more details or to find out how to control your privacy settings with a third party provider, please visit their respective website.