Feed Others

Now let the fun begin!  By this time, you are Being Fed & learning.  You are a maturing Disciple of Christ.  You are ready to Feed Others.

Feeding others is how you get involved in Ministry.  You are teaching others how to live the life of a Disicple by being an example.  Simply put, you are using whatever gifts God has given you to serve Him and to help meet the needs of others. 

How Do I Feed Others?

Our goal is to help you learn how to share the Word of God with others.  There are several ways you can do that:

  • Discover your position in the purpose of discipleship thorough a course called S.H.A.P.E. (Where Do I Fit In?)
  • Host a Growth Group
  • Lead a Bible Study
  • Volunteer in a worship support ministry
  • Teach a course
  • Become a licensed minister


For more information contact:

Pastor Kasey Whitney at 310.330.8000 ext. 3257 or email at  kbwhitney@faithfamily.org.