Using S.O.A.P.

S: Scripture; O: Observation; A: Application; P: Prayer

Our goal is to feed ourselves daily by reading the Bible and allowing the Lord to speak to us.

Materials Needed:

S.O.A.P. Bible Reading Plan

Getting Started

Step 1 Using your SOAP Bible Reading Plan, find the Scriptures for today.
Step 2 Read today's passage and open your heart to hear from the Lord.
Step 3 In your journal, record what the Lord has shown you.
Step 4 In the Table of Contents, write the date & scripture for the day. Create a title for your entry and add the page number so you can refer back to it.
Quick Tip You may get distracted while reading the day's passage. When thoughts like the shopping list, the day's activities, or the forgotten task distract you, use your notepad and write the thought down. This way you won't forget it and it doesn't have to take your attention away from the passage you are reading. Once you write the thought down, immediately re-focus on your passage and SOAP.

S.O.A.P. Reading Example

Write down the one scripture the Lord used to speak to you.
John 1:48 How do you know me? Nathaniel asked. Jesus answered, "I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you."
Write down the context of the scripture. Who is talking? Where is this taking place? What is happening?
Jesus is calling his disciples. His invitation is, "follow me." He calls Philip first. Philip "found" Nathaniel and brings him to Jesus. When he gets to Jesus, Jesus identifies him as a true Israelite and speaks about his character. Jesus says there is nothing false in him. Nathanael ask how do you know me? Jesus saw him before he got there and Jesus knew his heart while he was still away from Him.
Write down what God is saying to you. What is He showing you about you? What truth is He revealing in you? Your response should be personal and written in the 1st person singular.
The Lord sees me when I am lost! When I can't see him. Before I see some evidence on His presence. When I feel lost, he sees me and calls me to him. He knows my heart - even when I am away from Him. He knows my heart and still calls me to Him.
Write a short prayer about what you have uncovered in your heart.
Thank you Father for loving me. Thank you for loving me and coming for me when I stray away and walk away from you. Thank you for seeing me when I cannot see you. I love you, Lord. Amen.

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